Our simple goal is to create wood products which are friendly both for you and the environment.

Abodo Wood is a privately owned New Zealand based wood product company, specialising in durable, natural wood products. We service a range of wood lovers in Australasia, Asia, Africa and Europe.

Our Vision

Many exterior wood products used today are harvested from unsustain- able old growth forests, or from chemically preserved softwoods. Both ultimately cause personal or environmental harm.

At Abodo we aim to change that.

Our vision is for a world where wood products are beautiful, durable, low toxicity and have a planned end of life. Liveable. Durable, Renewable.

It’s true, we don’t have all the answers, but we are well on the way to finding them out.

Abodo Firsts

2004 Daniel Gudsell receives a complaint from a customer whose children are admitted to hospital after playing on solvent treated plywood, in a confined area.

2006 Abodo launches Greenguard, a water based low toxicity alternative to solvent borne treatments and Copper Chrome Arsenic (CCA)

2007 Abodo achieves Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certification – the mark of sustainable forestry.

2008 Abodo introduce degradeable plastic timber wrap for markets where re- cycling is not an option.

2009 Sacre Bleu! Abodo begins shipping FSC certified decking to France.

2010 Abodo successfully create a plastic timber wrap from 100% recycled stock.

2011 Abodo develop non landfill options for treated wood waste disposal.

2012 Abodo launch partnership with Green Gorilla to offer a preserved wood recycling service in New Zealand.

2013 Abodo patent “Elements Vulcan+” – New Zealand’s first chemical free “natural finish” engineered solid wood cladding. Sexy stuff.

2013 Abodo launch “Elements Stratos” – a range of exterior wood products protected with opX – the world’s first water borne low toxicity wood preservative to contain plant based oils and waxes. They said it couldn’t be done..