• Protector Oil

    Protector Oil and wood are best friends. Protector Oil is a premium exterior wood oil made up of natural plant oils like tung oil, pine… more

  • Lambs Wool Applicator

    In a country of 40 million sheep, you can expect us to make use of wool when ever possible. Soft and gentle lambs wool is… more

  • Rejuvenator

    Rejuvenator is an oxygenating cleaner, for use when your situation is dire. The ingredients are biodegradable and non-bio accumulative. Rejuvenator will remove mould and brighten… more

  • Preventor

    Preventor is a slow release mould killer, designed for situations where moss and mould is persistent. Preventor does contain low toxicity biodegradable preservatives, similar to… more

  • Elements Screw

    A quality stainless steel decking screw designed for easy driving into Elements products. A Torx head protects you from burring those drive bits – and getting mocked by your friends. The Elements Screw makes you look good. Every time.