Structural Timbers

  • Sand+ Engineered

    For the most demanding applications, choose Sand+ Engineered Structural products. Created with high grade NZ Pine sapwood and laminated with formaldehyde free gluelines, Engineered Structural timbers… more

    • We believe that everyone needs to know what’s in their wood. Use the Safe Wood Factor smiley face to ascertain the toxicity profile of your choice.

      The Safe Wood Factor is based on a report produced by Graham Environmental for Abodo Wood.

      Learn more here.

    • Sustainable Wood beyond a label. This wood product meets our high standards, and carries Forest Stewardship Council Certification, along with an end of life solution. Click here to view our FSC certificate.

    • Extremely durable wood. This product carries a Built to Last Limited Warranty covering wood decay and termite attack. Sleep easy.

    • Unlike those nasty hardwoods, in most situations Elements products do not require pre-drilling. That means you can install faster.

    • No one likes a splinter!

      When exposed to the elements, the fibres in wood products naturally break down over time, and raised grain may occur. Cracking and surface checking is common in all exposed wood products.

      The high quality finish of Abodo kiln dried products ensures the wood is stabilised, and safe for hands and feet. Regular application of Elements Protector  natural oil is a perfect option to allow you to maintain a safe and beautiful wood exteriors. Naturally.

    • This product is supplied Kiln Dried. This means that the product is “pre-shrunk”, and will be more stable in service. Just like your favourite pair of jeans.

    • Non Toxic wood. Arsenic is a common preservative for exterior timber. This product does not contain arsenic.