We work with nature to provide beautiful, durable wood products.

Durable Wood - NZ pine sapwood

New Zealand Pine Sapwood

One of the most permeable softwood species, New Zealand Pine Sapwood is extremely easy to impregnate. This unique permeability allows us to create unique solutions, and ensure homogenous penetration of pigments, water repellents and preservatives. The result is consistently durable wood that gives a predictable performance. Think Roger Federer – so consistently good it is almost boring.

Durable Wood - built to last warranty

Built to Last Warranty

Most Elements durable wood products are available with the Built to Last (BTL) Limited Warranty. Not to be confused with a BLT, the BTL Limited Warranty is a broad, product specific Warranty which covers both wood decay and termite attack.

Durable Wood - natural stability

Natural Stability

Grown trees experience resistance (like wind for example) perpendicular to the grain, so it makes sense to produce wood products which are also cut perpendicular to the grain. Elements + products are vertical grain, which means greater stability, and less surface cracking. Elements + products look better, for longer, every time.

Durable Wood - road tested

Road Tested

New Zealand is notorious for having extremely high UV levels and, when you least suspect it, high levels of rainfall. So, during a New Zealand summer, when you are not getting wet, you are probably getting sunburnt. This is not ideal for people, but perfect for testing exterior wood products. At our Tupare Test Site, wood products are exposed to a brutal barrage of sea spray, UV and rainfall. We make sure that the wood you’re getting is the most durable wood available.