Meet the needs of the present without disadvantaging future generations.

Sustainable Wood - gold label certification

The Gold Label of certification

Abodo products are certified by the Forest Steward Council (FSC). FSC is recognised by leading environmental organ- isations such as Green Peace and WWF as the most credible forest certification world wide. Forest certification ensures sustainable harvesting, protection of wildlife and the people whose life depends on the forest. It means you are getting truly Green Wood.

Sustainable Wood - the mark of responsible forestry

Sustainable Wood - NZ pine

New Zealand Pine Story

Because NZ Pine grows so quickly, its plantations have a substantially larger annual yield per hectare per year than slower growing softwoods and almost all hardwoods. Consider the fact the NZ Pine yields around 28m³ of fibre per hectare, per year.

Sustainable Wood - graph of pine yield

Critically, this means that around 24% of New Zealand land mass can be reserved for virtually untouched natural forest, while only 7% of land mass yields more than double domestic demand for wood fibre. Maintain biodiversity, produce sustainable wood products. Yes we can.

Sustainable Wood - 30/30 principle

30/30 – Replace What you Take

Our 30/30 principle is as simple as it comes. Even Australians are able to grasp the concept. We design wood products to last for more than 30 years in service – as this is as long it takes to grow a replacement tree.

Yes, you can have your wood and keep the tree.

Sustainable Wood - extended producer responsibility

End of Life – Extended Producer Responsibility

At Abodo we lead the way in Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR). New Zealand alone produces around 800,000m3 of treated timber per year. Unfortunately little consideration is given to end of life, and as ridiculous as it sounds, landfill is considered “best practice”.

So rather than point fingers, Abodo has started to point at solutions. In an industry first, and with thanks to our mates at Green Gorilla, you can now have your treated timber recycled, as carbon neutral fuel.

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