Vulcan Primed Cladding

Abodo Vulcan Primed Cladding is manufactured from high grade thermally modified Thermowood, and is designed for a quality paint finish.

Thermal modification means Abodo Vulcan weatherboards are free from chemical preservatives, have reduced resin content and enhanced stability for use with dark colours.

The Abodo Vulcan Primed weatherboard system has achieved CodeMark certification for compliance with the New Zealand Building Code.

Available in a range of architectural weatherboard profiles including bevel back and the innovative Hector secret fix. Supplied pre-primed with two coats of quality primer base coat, ready to be painted.

Beautiful. Stable. Durable


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  • Very High Safe Wood Factor

    We believe that everyone needs to know what’s in their wood. Use the Safe Wood Factor smiley face to ascertain the toxicity profile of your choice.

    The Safe Wood Factor is based on a report produced by Graham Environmental for Abodo Wood.

    Learn more here.



  • Deep Green

    Sustainable Wood beyond a label. This wood product meets our high standards, and carries Forest Stewardship Council Certification, along with an end of life solution. Click here to view our FSC certificate.

  • Non Arsenic

    Non Toxic wood. Arsenic is a common preservative for exterior timber. This product does not contain arsenic.

  • Natural Stability

    Grown trees experience resistance (like wind for example) perpendicular to the grain, so it makes sense to produce wood products which are also cut perpendicular to the grain. This product is vertical grain, which means greater stability, and less surface cracking. Naturally.

    Learn more about Natural Stability here.

  • Kiln Dried

    This product is supplied Kiln Dried. This means that the product is “pre-shrunk”, and will be more stable in service. Just like your favourite pair of jeans.

  • Natural Durability

    This product is naturally durable, and contains no wood preservatives. Just as nature intended.

    Learn more about Natural Durability here.

  • Codemark

    This product is CodeMark certified for guaranteed acceptance with NZ Building Authorities and conformance with the NZ Building Code. Sleep easy! Click here to view the certificate.

  • BTL 15yrs

    Highly durable wood. This product carries a Built to Last Limited Warranty covering wood decay. Sleep easy. Download Warranty document here.

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